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The Future of Intelligent Spatial Computing

We are an early stage, remote-first startup within an innovative group of companies on a mission to empower organizations to bring together people, places, and things by breaking down the barriers that traditionally separate us.


At IQXR, we value integrity, curiosity, and excellence. We are better together and strive to create the future we want to live in.

The Future is All of Us


We believe in the promise of technology to bring people together. To make us closer and more connected.

We set out to enable experiences that do just that—harnessing the untapped potential of spatial computing with an enterprise-ready platform that allows creators to build new worlds, form deeper connections, tell richer stories, and transform the way we collaborate.

We are not just trailblazers but torchbearers, bringing others along as we empower them to realize visions grander than ever imagined.


So we build with openness and democratization at the 

forefront of innovation, breaking down barriers to advance

us toward a brighter dawn—one where

virtual experiences create tangible impact.


We are the stewards of this future, striving with

intention to change the world for the better.

To create one that is kinder and more equitable not despite our work, but thanks to it.

Because a better future for all isn’t just something we can hope for, but deliver.

Our Leadership Team

Where We Come From

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Our Team

The Future is You

Interested in shaping the future of spatial computing? Check out the open role below. 

Senior Software Engineer - Accelerated Engineering

Join our talent community

and tell us what you'd like to do or what you're most passionate about!

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